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Mary Weichert is the BEST REALTOR I have ever worked with!!!
She is exceptional, totally committed to your success and ALL IN with incredible support. Mary is different than most realtors, she works on her own, you receive her personal engagement. As part of Mary’s service you gain Pat Byrnes (of Well Dressed House) to professionally stage your home. The extent of Mary’s commitment is best explained by her actions. Our basement had been upgraded for the sale. While away we lost power for several days from a wicked storm. Consequently our sump pump didn’t work and our basement got water. Pat discovered it and within two hours Mary’s husband came, got our generator going, the restoration professional was engaged. Within a few short days prior to our return it was fully restored. Mary’s son in our absence moved materials to enable the painters to do their work. Mary and Pat provided local craftsmen at lower costs to do all of our prep, staging work and personally supervised the work in our absence. It his hard to describe the extent of Mary’s value. I believe Mary is the true cream of the crop among professional realtors. While others tell you of your challenges in listing, Mary resolves any challenges and minimizes your time required for personal engagement.

Mary provides her personal service, yet engages family members, friends and Pat Byrnes (also amazing) to make certain you are best prepared to sell your house.

OUTSTANDING, EXCEPTIONAL, EXTRAORDINARY, PHENOMENAL, REMARKABLE… I could go on. If you are listing your home in the Chatham, NJ area and want your most committed advocate, you should choose Mary Weichert!!!

Jack Duffy (30 year resident of Chatham)
Happy Customer