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You Can Sell Your Home This Spring: Here’s Why!

April 13, 2020 --- Given widespread concerns about COVID-19, high unemployment rates, changes in the stock market, and a COVID-19 vaccine many months away, it’s natural to wonder whether it’s wise to sell or buy a home now. Positive Rea...

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Beacons of Light in the COVID-19 Tunnel

April 6, 2020 --- Each morning after catching up with news about COVID-19, I pray for and reflect on the lives of my family members, friends, and neighbors near and far. Among the many people in my prayers and thoughts, of course, are those ...

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What I’ve Learned From My Kids During COVID-19

March 30, 2020 --- Under any circumstance, my family enjoys spending time together. We often unite for vacations, catch up for dinners, and gather for events and holidays. But until the recent COVID-19 stay-at-home mandate, we have never spe...

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Coping With COVID-19

March 16, 2020 --- Dear Friends, As you know, recent developments across the nation have required thoughtful changes to our lives and businesses for the coming days/weeks. Despite the serious challenges facing each of us with COVID-19, ...

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Why the Right Realtor Matters

March 9, 2020 --- By Jack Duffy Over the years, I’ve sold eleven homes through 20 realtors. As you might expect, realtors’ approaches differ. I've learned that their differences can mean having a positive, inspiring experience or on...

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Already Low Mortgage Rates Continue Declining

March 2, 2020 --- Interested in buying or refinancing a home? There’s no better time than now! Acting now to get a mortgage, save money on your current mortgage payment, or refinance for a cash-out home-improvement loan can save yo...

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