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Chatham: A Uniquely Inclusive Community

With eyes on the future, today’s home buyers care deeply about making intelligent real estate investments for the short and long term. As a result, they examine many factors that influence home values, including:

  • Accessibility to reliable public transportation and metropolitan areas
  • An upbeat, inclusive community vibe
  • Outstanding nearby healthcare options
  • Proximity to cultural activities, outdoor activities, and varied shopping and dining options
  • Public and private schools with excellent ranking
  • Athletic opportunities for people of all ages
  • Walkable, friendly town centers

Home Buyers Want to Be Involved in Their Communities

Home buyers I work with consistently express their desires to belong to an inclusive community. Buyers of all ages, including singles, couples, those with and without children, and retirees routinely ask me about local organizations in which they may become involved, contribute their expertise, and volunteer to help others.

One of the many advantages of living 
in Chatham, Madison, Summit,
and the other areas I serve 
is access to a wide range of opportunities
that allow residents to become connected with other people
and give back to their communities.

Volunteering Can Help Build Friendships and Strong Communities

In addition to helping other people get through tough times, volunteering offers each of us the chance to get to know our neighbors, develop empathy and compassion for others, understand the needs of our communities, and enhance quality of life for ourselves and those around us. Some research even shows that volunteering can help boost your mood, delay dementia, and increase your life span.

Residents of Chatham Borough and Chatham Township
have a legacy of volunteering in their community.

Local organizations that engage volunteers to help support people in need include:

  • Chatham Bridging the Gap 

    Founded in 2015, Chatham’s Bridging the Gap offers financial and emotional support to Chatham residents experiencing a temporary financial setback from unemployment, death of a spouse, divorce, and illness. Using a highly confidential approach, this extraordinary organization provides assistance for food, utilities and rent, and home repairs. In addition, it provides clothing, shoes, household items, and furniture when necessary. With an eye on residents’ long-term success, Bridging the Gap helps with job searches and budgeting skills. A neighbors-helping-neighbors nonprofit organization, Chatham Bridging the Gap is focused on helping Chatham families get back on their feet. To learn more about Bridging the Gap and its upcoming fund raisers, please call 973-309-3870 or email
  • Chatham Education Foundation
    The Chatham Education Foundation partners with the Chatham School District to support educational initiatives, engage students, inspire teachers, and establish a sustainable endowment for special projects and equipment. Since its inception in 1997, the Chatham Education Foundation has distributed 1.5 million dollars for the development and support of programs that would otherwise not have been funded through the district budget. For more information or to get involved with the Chatham Education Foundation, click here.
  • Chatham School District Parent / Teacher Organizations

    The Chatham School District values parents’ ideas. For this reason, each of Chatham’s elementary and middle schools as well as our high school offers parents an opportunity to get involved in parent / teacher organizations. For more information on each school’s parent teacher organizations, click here.
  • Chatham United Methodist Church (CUMC) Food Pantry

    Since its inception in March 2020, the Chatham United Methodist Church (CUMC) Food Pantry has helped feed hungry residents in Chatham and Madison. The Food Pantry relies on area residents to stock its shelves. Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, local residents have generously supported the Food Pantry’s “care-well-for-each-other-by-taking-what-you-need-and-leaving-what-you-can” approach. Open 24/7, the Food Pantry sheds are located behind Chatham United Methodist Church adjacent to the preschool playground and middle school parking lot at 460 Main Street. To learn more about the CUMC Food Pantry, donate, or volunteer, click here.
  • Front Line Appreciation Group (FLAG)
    A local nonprofit organization, the Front Line Appreciation Group. (FLAG) has raised money and organized volunteers to help feed front line health care workers throughout the coronavirus pandemic and bring business to local restaurants. As a result of its success, FLAG has become a nationwide movement with more than 100 additional independent, community-based organizations. It is an effective networking source for organizing a variety of volunteer initiatives. For more information and to get involved with FLAG, click here.
  • Front Line Sewing Angels

    The Front Line Sewing Angels volunteer to make masks and surgical caps that help address personal protective equipment needs of front line health care workers. To date, the Sewing Angels have distributed more than 35,000 masks and 7,500 scrub caps they have sewn for more than 100 hospitals, medical facilities, nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, shelters, community organizations, and nonprofit organizations across the country. In addition to Morristown Medical Center, the Sewing Angels have delivered their masks and surgical caps to members of the Chatham Borough Fire Department and Chatham Emergency Medical Service Squad. Click here to learn more and volunteer with the Front Line Sewing Angels.
  • Helping Hands of Chatham

    Helping Hands of Chatham collects funds and partners with Chatham’s Boxcar to help feed families experiencing financial difficulty. In addition to providing Shop Rite gift cards, Helping Hands and Boxcar donate boxes of fresh produce to residents each week. Visit the Helping Hands of Chatham Face Book page to learn more about how you may contribute and get involved, click here.
  • Special Education Parent Advisory Group (SEPAG)
    Chatham’s Special Education Parent Advisory Group (SEPAG) represents students and families who receive special education services through the Chatham School District. SEPAG collaborates with member of staff, administration, the board of education, and community to provide district leaders with recommendations on policies, programs, and services that affect special education and outcomes for learners. In addition to raising awareness about literacy and dyslexia through professional development and activities, the recently formed SEPAG Dyslexia Task Force collects data to help ensure students receive a timely diagnosis, evidence-based remediation, transparent progress monitoring, and best educational practices for their learning needs. For more information on Chatham SEPAG, click here.
  • Chatham Volunteer Fire Departments and Chatham Emergency Squad

    Residents of Chatham Borough and Chatham Township may volunteer their skills as members of boards, commissions, and committees for the Chatham Volunteer Fire Departments and Chatham Emergency Squad. Volunteers may engage in a wide range of projects, including building / rebuilding walking trails, benches, and tables in local parks; designing and provide content for related Web pages; providing photographs for the Chatham Borough Website; composing music for the Chatham Borough TV bulletin board; leading local trash clean-up days; or operating cameras for Borough Hall Council Chambers. The organizations also welcome creative ideas that enhance the community. Click here to learn more or volunteer.
  • Women’s Association of Morristown Medical Center (WAMMC)

    The Women’s Association of Morristown Medical Center (WAMMC) raises funds that help deliver outstanding health care, advance caring services, and promote healthier communities for patients and visitors. Known for elevating its members’ talents, the WAMMC focuses on meaningful volunteer projects that build strong friendships. For more information or to get involved with the WAMMC, click here.

Chatham’s volunteer organizations need and want you!

Benefits of Volunteering Can Last a Lifetime

Whatever your age, volunteering is one of the best ways to become a part of your community. If you’re considering moving to Chatham or one of its beautiful surrounding towns, I can guide you to volunteer opportunities that will allow you and family members of all ages to meet new people, contribute to the community, learn about other ways of life, enhance your purpose, lift your spirits, and boost your self-esteem!

You are never too young or too old
get involved in your community and help others!

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