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Sealing the Mortgage Deal

Signing Your Mortgage

When your lender is ready to fund your loan and close the mortgage, your real estate agent and mortgage broker will ask you to sign the final loan documents in the presence of a notary or escrow officer. You also must show photo identification such as a driver’s license and have a cashiers’ check with you at signing.

Carefully review all mortgage documents
for accuracy before you sign them!

If you plan to wire (transfer the money electronically) between your bank and the lender, be sure to arrange the transfer in advance of the signing / closing. Also verify that all documents and the transfer amount are accurate before the signing / closing.

Being organized, planning ahead,
and verifying documents for each part of the mortgage process
can preempt unwanted delays at your closing!

Before the signing, your mortgage broker is likely to confirm that the money has been transferred and the loan has closed. Always follow up with the necessary parties to confirm your funds have arrived at the right time and in the right place.

Keep records of all of your mortgage loan transactions!