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Responsive, Present, and Knowledgeable About the Real Estate Market

After interviewing three top listing agents in Chatham for selling our home and buying another home nearby, we chose Mary because her reviews suggested she would be available unlike other agents during the sales process. We were completely pleased with our choice!

Mary was, in fact, extremely knowledgeable about the market, responsive, and present throughout the sales process, including staging, inspection, and the appraisal. Mary also was very patient with us and understood when we decided to look for a home towns other than our first choice. She gave valuable pointers on key renovations that made our house sell quickly — in one weekend with multiple offers at a good price! Mary also negotiates hard on behalf of her clients. I trust her instinct, opinions, and guidance because I know she has my interest at heart.

Selling and buying at the same time can be highly stressful. Mary reduced our anxiety and stress!