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Real Estate Concierge Services Enhance the Sale

February 5, 2021 —

I’ve recently shared advice about the 2021 real estate market, when to list your home, and things you can do to prepare it for sale. In my next few articles, I will be introducing you to the skilled professionals 
with whom I work to ensure success with the sale of your home.

Meet Charlie Cellini —
the gentleman who ensures
you get the certificate of occupancy (CO) needed
to close on the sale of your home.

Getting a certificate of occupancy is challenging under the best of circumstances; during a pandemic it can be extremely stressful. But I tell each of my clients that Charlie’s expertise smooths this critically important part of the path toward closing.

Charlie’s fully professional, proactive, and effective approach
eases my clients’ and my stress.

How I Got to Know Charlie Cellini

My husband, Tut, and I met Charlie Cellini and his wife, Jeanie, more than 5 years ago at Marco Polo’s Restaurant in Summit, New Jersey. Although Charlie and Jeanie often were finishing up their dinners as we tucked in for ours, the four of us enjoyed light conversation that soon allowed us to get to know each other.

Before long, Tut and I looked forward to the friendly vibe Charlie and Jeanie added to our evenings out. We soon made a point of overlapping and catching up with them. In time we learned Charlie’s story and I realized he would be a terrific asset to the real estate business.

Jeanie and Charlie Cellini

As luck had it, Tut and I stumbled
upon two golden characters
when we met Charlie and Jeanie!

Charlie’s Life and Professional Experiences

A native of Port Jervis, New York, Charlie joined the US Army after high school and served his country from 1964 until 1967 during the Vietnam War. He returned to the United States after a 2 ½-year tour of duty in Germany, and worked with his older brother for a year. In 1968, Charlie took a position with the railroad where he worked as Conductor, Mentor, and Union Representative until 2005, when he retired.

“My work with the railroad
took me everywhere,” says Charlie.

“I started on the Erie Lackawanna freight line, then worked on the Conrail freight 
and passenger services, and then moved to the New Jersey Transit passenger service.”

A Family Man

In addition to giving him an interesting career, the railroad brought Charlie together with Jeanie. “I met Jeanie, a native of Summit, on the train from Dover in 1980,” says Charlie. “We married in 1992, and combined our families — Jeanie’s daughter and son, Melissa and Jeff, and my daughter and son, Michelle and Craig. The rest is history!” says Charlie.

Charlie and Jeanie speak with great pride about their children and grandchildren, each of whom have many accomplishments. “My grandson, Connor Holmes, studied political science at the University of Buffalo for three years,” says Charlie. “For now, Connor’s working with Tut at Chatham Main. Of course, I’d like to see Connor finish his degree,” says Charlie, “but I know what he’s learning at Chatham Main is valuable and will serve him well with whatever he decides to pursue.”

Real estate was the open door
for a gratifying work partnership with Charlie
and the special friendship Charlie, Jeanie, Tut, and I share.

Experiences in Real Estate

“When I met Mary,” says Charlie, “I knew nothing about the real estate business. But I have learned exactly what the town engineers for Chatham, Madison, and Summit expect. That’s why I have everything done before they come to inspect a home. My approach saves homeowners, Mary, and the town engineers valuable time that helps us get to the finish line for closings.”

Charlie adds, “Each of the town engineers are consummate professionals who never cut corners. We have a great working relationship, and I respect them for their honesty and skills. We do everything by the book.”

“Although we usually do only one or two inspections
in a day, 
Mary and I have handled
as many as six inspections in a day
when the market is busy,” says Charlie.

“I coordinate everything with the town to ensure homeowners comply with each directive on the CO, whether it involves a roof, garage door, interior and exterior railings, or regulations for fire extinguishers, carbon monoxide detectors, and smoke detectors. I apply for the COs and permits, and I close open permits once they are completed. The bottom line,” says Charlie, “is when Mary texts or call me, I jump in the car and go!”

On the job with Charlie Cellini

“Like the town engineers,” says Charlie,
“I, too, do everything by the book.
At the end of the day,
it’s about keeping every homeowner
and home buyer safe.”

A Retiree With an Active Mind and Active Lifestyle

Not one to let grass grow under his feet, Charlie also has a commercial driver’s license, which he uses to serve Kent Place School and The Connection in Summit. He has been integral to my success and that of my clients. In addition to always being prepared and getting the job done efficiently, he is upbeat. Charlie consistently shares his positive energy with my clients, my colleagues, and me.

“My experience with homeowners has been great.
The homeowners, Mary, and I work together
to make things happen,” says Charlie.

He adds, “Mary’s totally honest
with everyone. She’s down to earth
and she has everyone’s best interest at heart.”

Charlie and Jeanie Cellini live happily in Chatham, New Jersey, where they enjoy their very full schedules. They are the essence of the type of community for which Chatham has long been admired.

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