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Home Owners / Buyers With and Without Kids Benefit From School Successes

February 17, 2020 —

The US Secretary of Education recently honored Chatham, New Jersey’s, Milton Avenue Elementary School with a Blue Ribbon Award. Milton Avenue Elementary School earned the prestigious Blue Ribbon Award for its outstanding performance and growth, including its consistently high test scores and process for identifying and helping children experiencing difficulties in the classroom. Milton Elementary is one of only 9 schools in New Jersey that received the Blue Ribbon Award.

The Blue Ribbon Award
is a home run for Chatham property owners
as well as Chatham home buyers with and without kids.

Why do home owners and home buyers benefit from good schools whether or not kids are in the mix?

Parents, of course, want schools that offer their children a top-notch education, competitive sports, and extracurricular activities that broaden their kids’ horizons, give them the opportunity to reach their full potential, and launch them on the path to a bright future.

But in addition to benefits parents’ and kids enjoy from being in a great school system, home owners and home buyers without children benefit from the positive culture and stability a great school system provides a town and its real estate market. Positive peer interactions and opportunities that engage kids in wholesome activities as they navigate adolescence, for example, can affect a town’s culture and crime rates for the better.In addition, a study published in the Harvard University Quarterly Journal of Economics, suggests “schools may be a particularly important setting for the prevention of future crime.”

Good schools, low crime rates, and a stable real estate market
are among the many assets
associated with owning and buying a home in Chatham.

It Takes a Village to Stabilize the Culture and Home Values in a Town

Those of us who have raised children in Chatham Borough and Chatham Township know the value of its outstanding schools. Dedicated faculty and staff, thoughtful curricula, awareness of and response to differences in learning styles, fine athletic programs, and wholesome extracurricular activities have cultivated a foundation of excellence in our kids that is reflected in the extraordinary culture of our town.

As parents, we know, too, that the tenor of our households has enormous influence on our children’s ability to make the most of their academic and nonacademic privileges.

But we also are aware that residents without children in Chatham have an important role in shaping the culture of our treasured village, including our kids.

We are grateful that to the Chatham school system
for its contributions in creating a safe, stable, and settled community
for our current and future residents,
whatever the makeup of their households!

Kudos to the faculty and staff at Milton Avenue Elementary School
for helping make your school great
and helping ensure Chatham is a great place to live.

Interested in buying a home
in Chatham Borough or Chatham Township?

I am here to help!


1. Deming, DJ. Better schools, less crime? Harvard University. Quart J Econ. 2012; 2063-2115. Accessed February 2020.