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Getting the Best Offer for Your Home

Getting an offer is exciting. But in addition to getting a good price, other factors can influence the value of an offer or offers on your home. For example, having qualified, pre-approved buyers can help speed the offer process. In addition, buyers who provide a large downpayment or total cash purchase can eliminate steps that can delay closing on the deal.

I will partner with you throughout the offer process
to ensure the offer you accept is the best it can be.

Negotiating a Successful Outcome

Multiple offers often can help increase the price you get for your home. But whether you receive several or only one offer, I will partner with you and work quickly to ensure your buyers are qualified, the process moves swiftly, and you get the best possible price for your home.

Offer Agreement and Deposit

During the initial offer phase, the buyer will provide a deposit that the closing agent will hold in an escrow account until all conditions and contingencies for the agreement are met. Attorneys for you as seller and the buyer will review the agreement (often known as the attorney review) to ensure it is legally binding.

To streamline the offer process:

  • Keep written records of every transaction, including:
    • The initial offer
    • Counter offers
    • Changes (or addendums) to the agreement

I will ensure you have all documents and necessary copies
for the sale of your home.

  • Maintain the agreed-upon timeline for closing by:
    • Allowing the buyer access to your property for scheduled inspections
    • Promptly answering the buyer’s questions
    • Fairly negotiating and attending to repairs after inspection
    • Asking me who I refer for home repairs

During the offer, agreement, attorney review,
and inspection process, I will update you regularly
to ensure we achieve goals toward closing the deal.